The Play On Words Card Game

Benefit #1

Rabbit Trails is an awesome game. Originally created as a one-off print to play with friends and family, we were consistently getting asked to make more copies. When we played in public spaces strangers would even sit to play with us. So, after refining the cards and getting the rules nailed down, this game is finally ready for prime time! But that isn't all...

Benefit #2

It's not often that fun and education go together, but Rabbit Trails bridges that gap. Because the aim of the game is to get players to find connections between words, it makes students use higher order thinking, like analysis and evaluation to be successful, which are at the top of Bloom's taxonomy.

Benefit #3

Rabbit Trails is great to test your English language skills if you are currently learning English or use English as a second language. It makes English language learners think critically about words and their multiple meanings!

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