Rabbit Trails Card Game

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The Addicting Play On Words Indie Card Game

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Rabbit Trails Card Game

Searching for a fun, exciting card game that plays on your creative connection with words? We’ve got just the right one for you!

Our Rabbit Trails Card Game captures the magic of trailing conversations and puts it in a delightful battle of skills and wits with a bit of luck, of course! Rabbit Trails brings you a unique twist that will put your reasoning skills to the edge!

Here’s why you’ll love it: 

  • Intuitive Game Design – Jumping right into the game is so easy, even 10-year olds can play! The rules are relatively straightforward and simple to understand: just draw a card, follow the trail of words, and win! 
  • Learning While Playing – Play is an essential aspect of developing your brain, especially at younger ages. This game lets you test your English proficiency and word association playfully that’s both engaging and educational!
  • Quality Time Well Spent – Get the whole squad joining in! Play with friends, families, or peers anytime and anywhere – the more, the merrier! Make a new friend or two and discover who plays with their words the best.
  • Uniquely Competitive Games would not be as entertaining without some intense friendly competition! It’s all about how you and your fellows view the words. Prepare to stretch your logic and provide the wildest explanations. 
  • The Perfect Gift – Whether you’re shopping for some gifts or giving yourself a treat as the game master of the squad, only one thing is for sure. You wouldn’t need to persuade anyone to have a blast playing with Rabbit Trails!

So if you’re looking for a new, refreshing over-the-table game to try out during your next family gathering, office party, or game night, then look no further. The Rabbit Trails Card Game will literally keep the conversation going! Dive into the rabbit hole and see where it leads you. Only your imagination is the limit!

Order yours today and start hopping into the fun! 


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