Rabbit Trails is Here!

Available now! The fun and popular game funded on Kickstarter…

Rabbit Trails – The Play On Words Indie Card Game

A Game of Fun!

Have you ever noticed how a conversation can start on one subject and moments later be on a completely unrelated topic? One minute you’re talking about cookies and the next you’re talking about bowling iPads? Building off the success and excitement of such games as ‘Apple to Apples’ and ‘Cards Against Humanity’, we’ve taken that conversational anomaly and turned it into an addicting card game that everyone can enjoy!

A Game of Education!

Rabbit Trails is more than just fun to play for people of all ages, but it has educational goals as well. It is great for use in a classroom because it allows teachers a fun way to have students use higher order thinking, like analysis and evaluation (Bloom’s taxonomy). When played with friends and family it also gets people talking face to face and OFF their cell phones. Rabbit Trails is kid tested, mother (and father!) approved.